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Transcript 2013-01-31 My Private Audio Talkshoe

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how can u convert a personal injury claim over to a civil rights claim?
So I wrote an order to the clerk of the court and dont practice law by rearranging my documents. first page says all fed courts are article 3 courts [common law]

14: they dont want a common law court held because the other side cant answer because they want me to answer under fed rules like 12b6, you can't do that because im not pro se or an atty or a plaintiff. There's no where in law that says a man has to speak legalese not in the common law, not under the constitution.

They change fed rules every 6 years [change this year 2013]

16:cps is a fed agent b/c they accept fed funds.
Claim of conusance when they try to drag you to the wrong side/jurisdiction.

34:interfering with the proper function of guv.

If they admit to being a guv then I have rights, man is over guv

39:anytime u walk into a court and being charged under a code you immediately convene your own common law court and say someone is trying to administer your property without any rights. They have duties obligations and privileges. Only man has rights that cannot be changed

46:forgery. They used a forged instrument to interfere with my rights. Done.

1:34 before you do a law suit you have to give fair warning; 6 lines

one; i, your name, give no entity the right to administer my property.
two; i,say that blank is my property.
three; i say no man or woman can say my claim is untrue.
four; i want my property returned to me.
five; said property is to be totally under my control [postpaid?] within 3 days [or whatever time]
six; I will charge wrongful holder of said property X amount of dollars for every [time increment] day property is not returned starting on the 22nd day after they have received this summons and this suit see attached claim.
You're supposed to give them 21 days to answer a law suit.

1:42 defrauded is a word a man uses.
No one has a right to raise your blood pressure, stressing you out. Guv is not supposed to be doing anything against the man.

2:03 you cant modify your claim by one word.

2:12 anytime the state moves the court and creates an order and tells you it has a judgment passed against you theyre all void because nobody came to court and swears under affirmation that you did something wrong. So you would just say that you are incompetent in that administrative court, which you are cause you do not know code. Idiot is a legalese word that just says that I am not competent to contract in an administrative court.

2:18 you do not speak at an arraignment. I ask for paper and pencil, judge can throw the book at you. So i dont say anything to the man in the black robe. I dont even acknowledge that he exists.
I write at the top notice is there any man making a claim before this court. Is there a claim before this court. Can this claim be verified in this court at this time.
They have to answer you.
Thats why you always move under the common law.

2:30in open court we are here to discuss the fact because i broke the law. Is that right?
And you know the difference between legal and lawful right?
Good I'll be done in 2 minutes.

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