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Transcript 12-6-2012 Version 2 My Private Audio

K*** L*** on Angela's call | Episode 191 | Dec. 6, 2012 | Partial Transcript by Leo U.

Episode 191
LU: 1 hour 28 min claim of conusance (Google it) very interesting 

1:32 I own my claim
adminstering property with out my consent

1:34 complaint vs claim

1:36 Blackstone's Commentary section 378 Jury - Tribunal - Magistrate

Episode 191  1 hour 40 minutes. Mortgage, Credit Cards, etc in court... We do not swear, testify.

1:43 federal definition

1:46 mortgage, debt clayton cherry

1:47 To preserve the record and get it ready for an appeal, I would like to swear in an oath of affirmation in open court that everything I'm saying is going to be true so that we establish right now that this is going to be testimony and can be used in an appeal. (Fudge accepts your statement)  (Now you state) If anybody on the other side, who wants to enter into Testimony into this matter, let him now speak, come forth and testify under oath of affirmation that all he is saying be true.  (The attorneys can not testify)
Attorneys sit down unless you have first hand knowledge.

1:56 debt is there anyone come here an verify the debt.  I am not claiming I am a debtor.
Will other side swear under oath and affirmation
I present me and my case to the court.
Do they have first hand knowledge?
discharge and dismiss difference

1:57 court case - that attorney cannot testify evidence

1:57:50 Anybody have any first hand knowledge that I owe a debt to anybody? Where is the injured party?
Can anybody come here under oath or affirmation that I owe a debt?
Anybody I owe a debt?
Verify = spoken word
Certify = written
No, not proof of claim - get a bunch of papers.  Get spoken verifiable.  Knock attorney's out.
Magic word = verify.  Verified proof of claim.   I conditionally accepted that I owe a debt upon verified proof of  claim.

2:01   Pleading = begging.  Is there a verified claim before this court?  yes or no.  is the "verifier" here?
Give me 3 days to settle.  If not I will charge $10,000 if dragged back in.
I will answer the court in writing.  I would write "Is there a verified claim? Will the plaintiff appear"?

2:27:10 title 42 with 12b6 training video clerk of courts 1980's

2:28 personal injury vs civil rights claim

file title 360 personal injury tort claim not civil rights
360 Other Personal Injury

2:30 irs debts tax liens / levies

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