Sunday, November 24, 2013

Karl Show West Midlands England 15 December 2013

Karl Lentz 1 day Workshop on 15/12/13

All The way from America, we are very happy to invite you to come and listen to Karl; Whilst Karl is in the UK he will be giving a 1 day workshop from 1pm – 9pm at:
West Bromwich African Caribbean Resource Centre Thomas Street
West Bromwich
West Midlands
B70 6LY
Cost £20 for the day.
Karl Lentz’s child was taken away by the state for having Down’s syndrome. He paid a fortune on lawyers and lived in a shipping container to divert all his money to legal costs. After nearly 6 years, he decided to learn Law for himself as clearly the lawyers couldn’t help.
He learnt how to get a court of record and moving the court. He realised his child was classed as property and the legal & lawful meaning of over 50words. He will talk about his 2 carefully constructed sentences, he said at the court office. He didn’t even get to the next hearing and the court instructed the state to return his son back within 24 hours.
He now has a radio talk show teaching his simple way of thinking that any man or woman can comprehend and use for their own problems. His radio show is full of people ringing with success stories:

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  1. This is great stuff. It fills in many little blank spots that teachers often forget.

    A teacher knows his/her subject so extremely well, that he/she often forgets that the students may not know any of it. And when a student misses points in a lesson, that exist in between other points in the lesson, the picture is incomplete. The understanding can be incomplete. The incomplete information can even become dangerous.

    This blog takes a lot of the incompleteness out of the Karl Lentz processes.

    The one thing that I would ask the writer(s) of this blog is, that they would take the time to re-read the blog, themselves, and edit for grammar and spelling.

    This blog is NOT a legal posting. So much of it need not be in absolute correct legal form - all the "i's" dotted and the "t's" crossed. This blog is info. At some points in the blog, the grammar and spelling help to clarify and define the information. Please bring the blog to grammatical correctness so that the information can be understood more clearly and correctly. After all, this is what you want, right, that people understand?

    Thanks. Great blog.