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Transcript 03-07-2013 my private audio

Transcript 03-07-2013 my private audio

Transcript by j_mark see linkee

3-7-2013 my private audio at talkshoe . com Karl Lentz

6:congress didnt renew the fed res' charter so were gonna go back to a monetary system based on the output of the labor of the citizens of the US instead of the IMF. That's what winston shrout said.

Who is this man or woman making a claim that i owe anything.
When they give you an assessment you have 3 days to respond. Who is the man or woman saying I owe this?
You establish proof you were trying to settle on the private side.
Make a phone call and record it. Who is administering my property and by what right.

Go to local district court and file a claim that someone is administering your property without any rights, since the US operates in all 50 states.
Theyre causing you harm and not only do you want your property returned immediately, you want a certain amount of money back for the aggravation of filing the suit to claim your property back.

17:can u show me a benefit which i derived by intercoursing with them.

Tresspass against my rights

25:im a man i have rights. They are the irs they have no rights, the are chartered, and ive never consented to give them a dime. Let them bring that fact forward that i did. They cannot say anything in common law court because they have no standing [trinsey v pagliero].

29:no man has the right to administer my property. Let that man come forward in court and testify that they do. They wont show up and you'll get a default judgment against them.

Is this common law or civil. He said common law. The other side cant speak.
Put in writing, you are aware that this is under the common law? And he'll say yes or no. of course he will say yes, esp if you put it in writing.
You want to stand before him and recognize common law when you didnt put it on paper before hand; anybody tries to adjudicate this matter other than a trial by jury he is going to be held liable for any damage he is going to cause me without my consent, because the person in the black robe if he doesnt have consent from you to make a ruling he is going to be held liable for the judgment just like any other man would be held liable.

Who is the man or woman that is ordering me? I will be glad to do what you order and im going to charge a hundred dollars an hour.

Theyre all private companies and have no authority over property that they do not have direct control over, and the lady that fills out the CAFR report said but they [the public] dont know that.

41:i have a lien on all my possessions, its right here in my head. How do i know its true. Watch my lips; its true.

49:terrorism is to interrupt with the proper function of government. I am self governing so if you interfere with my right to self govern and you are trying to order me about or threaten me, that's terrorism.

57:you gotta hand it back to the person within 3 days and then on the 4th or 5th day file a claim against the prosecutors office for failing to file a claim that there is an injured party or which there is a breach of a contract.

Argue: making things crystal clear.
Argument makes it unclear.
I dont use black's, i dont want to get into legalese. I want to stay in common law.

1:20if they fail to answer in 21 days write a warrant to the sheriff or us marshall and they will drag him into court.

1:21Once a man has spoken in open court under oath or affirmation its written in stone but while its on paper it never has the full force of law.

1:25 its [the US] a nation not a country

they administrated my property without rights. Thats my whole lawsuit.

[he has 70 cats. Must be Leo rising]

1:35 my mom has been doing this [irs] since 1972.

1:39 if somebody sends you a tax assessment or a claim that you owe some money theyre saying you are a debtor, that if you dont pay this you are in debt because you are only in debt because you are only in debt because somebody is saying you owe money. So you say im a debtor? Im indebted to you? Oh really. I have no rights because you say i dont have rights? You say I owe money? I am going to need you to come to court and swear under oath or affirmation that I owe money, and they cant do it. No public official can come to court and swear because theyre a person theyre not a man.

The tax assessors tom jones is trying to administer my property without my consent. What gives him the right to assess i owe a debt.

Verifiable not verified. It has to be in the present tense.

Anybody that puts a piece of paper saying pay me that money. Really?  What gives you the right to demand that money?

You cant tell me what this property is worth. Price goes up and down tomorrow.

I dont believe its a true debt. Only a man can say i believe.
How is the county gonna show up and swear its true. Bob County is not going to show up.

Citizen; civis; a member of a family.
A nation is just a group of people.

A draft is not conscription, its voluntary.

2:02 your county court house has a warrant in debt. They have 21 days to answer. If they dont answer then take the WoD and get a writ of  [sesutration?] or writ of attachment and the sheriff's deputy will execute the writ and seize the person's property.

There's a person in another state interfering with my rights, thats when you go to fed court. 

2:08File it into District court of the united states or they will presume you are a 14th amendment citizen.

Papal decrees surrounded by a red line, its their jurisdiction.

Federal court is all courts in the country, federal district court means in your district.

2:18 anytime anybody charges you something they come back to you with a criminal complaint, not a criminal claim. The jury is going to render a verdict, its an intaintment, not a conviction. A conviction is when you jump up in the middle of the trial and say i did it. When a jury finds you guilty you are intainted and once you are intainted you have no rights.

They said you stole heirlooms. You demand a grand jury and then the grand jury is going to indict you.
Grand jury works more under common law rules. That lady is going to have to bring somebody in to point across the room and say I saw her take them. And if you dont have somebody that has first hand knowledge as a witness, a 3rd party impartial witness, somebody who is not related to that lady, point across the room and say i saw you steal that stuff, they have no case

to get somebody convicted in this country, to get somebody atainted, there has to be a witness with first hand knowledge and testimony who pointed across the room and say i saw here steal it.
Your counsel was incompetent. Should have said where's first hand witness.

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