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Transcript 02-21-2013 My Private Audio

Transcript 02-21-2013 My Private Audio

2-21-13 my private audio at talkshoe . com Karl Lentz

Transcript by j_mark see linkee or

12:i did the UCC 11 to see if any liens or levys. And going to use UCC 3 to terminate those bogus liens on my record.

17:they made me register my vehicle and send the MSO to the tax man [??]

32:theyre foreign agents posing as gov agents.

35:lithium caused kidney damage

52: $2500 to gordon hall for help but he never had time for me. Call me tomorrow or call me tonight and he'd never be there.

58:jack smith is 180 degrees from gordon hall.

1:20 new caller ticket 4 driving with suspended lic.

1:41 Angela on Dr Hew Len, Jean Keating

1:44 karl finally comes on. When they file a complaint against you why dont you file a claim against them. This is still a common law country.

Youre making a claim that someone is interfering with your right to travel because you caused no man harm. Since you caused no man harm they are filing a false claim against you.

I conditionally accept your offer that ive done wrong upon a verifiable claim. And dont say anymore.
Certified just means that there's another person that believes that piece of paper exists. Certified is a joke and a waste of time.

The only answer youll accept in court is a verifiable answer and the other side cannot verify their answer. They can only certify their answer.

Theyve gotta put their hand on a bible and swear to it. That's the difference between certified and verified.

If u dont get sworn in then there is nothing to appeal.
U dont ever motion or petition the court, thats begging the court.
You notice the court that it lacks jurisdiction over you.
The person making claim MUST appear to be cross examined.

[1:47] Enter court Verifiable claim
notary and lawyer and pro se - certify
verified got to be vica voce
I condtionally accept your offer upon a verifiable proof of claim.

[1:50] enter court - any evidence court
appellate in court - only hear verified under oath, or affirmation rule 602 personal knowledge

[1:50] Ask judge - Is it not true that for any statement to be deemed as admissable evidence it has to be under oath and affirmation.?  Judge has to say yes. It is my wish to be sworn in for affirmation therefor
it can be impressed upon the record for appellate

[1:54]  You give the court notice.  Do not motion court..   I believe there is no man that will
come forward and claim that they have jurisdiction over me.  Who will come forward and say
I caused them harm.

Step on  feet jurisdiction.

[1:55:41] enter court

To judge:  What man did I cause harm to that I was not willing to settle on the private side that you believe or somebody believes in the building that you have the right summon me in and force me to do something?  Who had that power over me?  Judge: he does. 
To prosecutor: You claim I am doing you harm?
Prosecutor:  No. 
Who has the right that claims I have done him harm?
Whose claim are you prosecuting? Who made the claim?

Then you don't have jurisdiction over me.

Jurisdiction control - who had control of you body? who did you cause harm? power is control over other person

[1:57] prosecutor (trustee) is not the person that you have cause harm to?
claim for who?  Please bring the grantor / trustor forward.  Harm one has to appear.  Defendant
can cross examine.

Monetary loss claim by deputy.   I will accept charge based on verifiable claim.

[2:02] stylize your brief in conjunction with their belief
i have the right to cross canada and be left alone not only is it my belief the constituion and court case blah blah

their opinions change your do not as long as you dont hurt nobody who cares?  stop relying on their beliefs

[2:04]  enter court - how do overcome jury instructions? 
U dont have to accept the charge, they must make a verifiable claim.

claim beats complaint - adminstrating my property without my rights. 
He has to prove he has  right.   duties responsiblities and obligations and authority

man right cop priviledge
how to refer to constitution
are you a free man?  I am a man.

2:09 you tried to settle the matter on the private side and he refused.

Mr cop did i break the law? He says yeah. Mr prosecutor did i break the law? He says yeah. What are you talking about? Section 60101 or whatever,  that's some sort of violation of a code. We all agreed that i am here today because i broke the law. Oh you dont know the difference between a law and a code. Let me show you in your book.

We all agreed, are you lying now?

Only a man can file a claim. The state can only file a complaint. They cant file claims against the people. They can only file complaints against a person.

2:16 i dont accept any charges without a grand jury indictment.
Grand jury supposed to be 25 but in most states its 23.

2:19 irs says if u want to challenge our assessment file your petition at this address...
you should have been sending letters back and forth. Wait a minute you have the right to claim i owe you a debt? Who has that right? I thought you were a state agency that has privileges, duties and obligations. Where do u have a right?

Can you show me where you have that right to make a claim against my person or my property.? They dont.
Put it in writing, sign it and testify in open court.
I file exempt every year.

N/A is non assumpsit [not non applicable]. Just means im not going to contract with you. This is not binding. N/A in all W4 boxes and highlight the bottom and write exempt. Keep the original and hand copy to boss. No man will testify otherwise. No fed agent will ever come to court and swear anything is true. My mom was a tax auditor. Its all what they believe.

Last time codes changed [every 6 years] was 2007, now its 2013.
its just means a general issue of an action of assumpsit; being a plea by which the defendant avers is that he did not knowingly undertake or promise anything as alleged.
UCC 3-104.3 also means non assumpsit.

Cant use commercial driver license for my private insurance.

Court of record only operates under the common law. Is this a hearing? Its administrative. Move it over to common law court.

You get them to say court of record, thats the very first thing.

I dont move any complaint under title 42. i make claims as a man that you did me wrong.

Caller: Do they make you stand up when the judge enters the court room? Is that common law also?

When you walk into court you stand from the time you enter to the time you leave because what youre doing is standing in common law, when they say what are you doing? Im standing. This is a court of record right? Yeah. This is operating under common law right? Yeah.

To me you're standing in common law. Never give up your standing. So even though its a little theatrical, even though its a little funny, i never sit down. From the minute i walk into court im just here to answer all claims against me. Who is going to come forth and make a claim against me?

[2:32]  cop threatening in court

[2:35] I am a man I have rights.  You are the government you have a priviledge to exist.
Bring forth a verifiable claim or leave me alone.

[2:36] Black's 6th Law 2000.  Court of records only under law.

[2:41]  Words for traffic ticket.

If youre really truly holding your court and you are making a claim what you do is I was summonsed to appear here at 9 o'clock so you make your claim at 9 o'clock; is there any man going to come forward and make a claim against me because at this point i have still not had a claim being presented to me. So i say to people why dont you just walk into court and at 9 o'clock say 3 times does any man care to make a claim against me? Im here to answer all claims. Is anybody here to make claim against me?

They say just wait the judge will be here soon. No no no no no. I still dont have a claim against me.
So you say it 3 times and then you leave. I was there judge. You told me to appear at 9 o'clock. It doesnt say  nine O one or nine O two. I was here at 9. if i was there at 9:01 id be in trouble.  Yeah you would be cause youd be late. I stood up at 9 o'clock and said does anybody here have a claim against me?

You never open your mouth in court. Everything has to be in writing. So you already sent this to the other side. So is there any man whos going to make a claim against me? Im waiting for a claim. All ive gotten is this silly citation about some kind of code violation ive no idea what section 6011132 means. Theres nothing in the law that forces me to interpret your code. Theres nothing in the law that says i have to know what your silly numbers mean. All i know i was traveling from point A to point B. as far as i know i didnt cause any harm to any of God's creatures great or small and i didnt cause any damage to any mans property and i dont have a contract with that man who pulled me over saying i was driving his car in a matter that we did not agree on. That's my car i can drive it any damn way i want. So who is going to make the claim against me? So like i said the prosecutor usually reads that stuff when i file  and they read it in 2 seconds and they just laugh. What are you some kind of a lawyer? No im your worst nightmare.
He said ill see you in court in 30 days.

well then im going to get you for barratry, filing a malicious claim against me and filing a false claim against me. Believe me you are going to get a claim handed to you from me and then you are going to
answer to my claim.

Is somebody making a claim that i broke the law?

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