Saturday, December 7, 2013

File A Claim Template - IRS Levy

Reference My Private Audio Call March 17 2013 at the 19th minute 51 second.

Some caller had the IRS go into caller's bank account and take money on an IRS lien.

19:51 [irs] [court][claim] I am a man. Trepass. File a claim.

At a local court file something like this.


Cover Sheet Page

cause of action : trespass
Someone from IRS administrating my property without rights
your name | irs

Next Page

parties your name | irs
I am woman and I have rights.  And no one has the right to administer my property  without right.
Someone from  IRS administrated my property without right, without my consent.

Next Page

Statement Of Facts

Went home one day, checked my bank and it was empty.
Remedy.  I want my money/account to be restored whole.   Certain amount of money for damages wasting my time to file a lawsuit and Trespass against my rights


I am adding to Karl's content above with these links to give you some ideas on finding a "mom and pop" court as Karl calls them.

I think all US states should have small claims courts.  So google "your state and small claims court" or something similar.

Small Claims - Maryland Courts

Small claims are handled less formally than other cases. While you can hire a lawyer if you choose, the rules of evidence and procedure in small claims cases ...

Filing a Small Claim - Maryland Courts

Guide to Collecting Debts and Managing Receivables in Maryland. .... To be tried as a small claim in District Court, your case must meet the following conditions:.
Thanks to J Mark for typing.

Same call also listen at these parts of the call:

11:00 karl vs irs
[irs] 12:40 irs words
12:53 "IRS" can never say that the word say.  "They" will give position.
Only a  man can say state declare
who is this man that I owe a debt
[irs][debt] who is the man or woman that claims I owe a debt?
Please send me a bill (signed by a man or woman)

You are making proof that you are trying to settle on the private side or otherwise the IRS can claim tacit acquiesence (silence means that you agree)

Who is this man or woman making a claim that i owe anything?
When IRS  give you an assessment you have 3 days to respond. Who is the man or woman saying I owe this?
You establish proof you were trying to settle on the private side.
Make a phone call and record it. Who is administering my property and by what right?


  1. Close review of 31 U.S.C. disclosed that the Internal Revenue Service, a Private Corporation, is not shown as a division, bureau, or any part of the U.S. Treasury Department. All this can be looked up any time on Firstgov. 31 U.S.C. Chapter 3 does not list the IRS as an agency or part of the Treasury Department. 31 U.S.C. Subtitle VI section 9101 does not show the IRS as a Government Owned Corporation under “ Government Corporations “. 31 U.S.C. Subtitle I Chapter 9 section 901 does not list the IRS as an authorized agency. No authorized agency can use the IRS Code against anyone thus you are now talking mail fraud and extortion. As a private Corporation the IRS must register in every state to do business correct? You will find the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE in the State of Delaware Division of Corporations.

  2. You'll receive your claim payment after you and the insurer agree on the amount of damages and the insurer has your complete, accurate, and signed Proof of Loss form.
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  3. The claim will be paid directly to the body corporate or the contractor repairing damage, depending on the express wish of the body corporate. claims pages

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  7. Every lawyer I've spoken to has said that the only courts with jurisdiction for the IRS is federal/district courts.

    So........ how do I bypass those courts and sue them in small claims courts if smalls claims cannot hear IRS issues?

  8. the man IRS can not prove you owe a debt, he has to bring the injured party forward, no one is re-presented, if you re-present yourself they can re-present IRS but if you present yourself they must present themselves. I, a man, John Doe present myself and my case to the court. Are you re-presented? No. I, a man present myself to the court. Do you re-present yourself. No, I am myself, I present myself and my case to the court. Mr./Mrs. IRS has to appear. I have never met this person, have you? [Who is a man.] I am here to settle the debt. Who is going to verify this debt is true? I have a right to question my accuser do I not? Well of course you do. Is Mr. IRS here today? No. I require leave of court. How long? Till Mr. IRS can appear, do you know when that will be? UHHHHH I don't know! Who is this IRS person, I do not know who he is, Bob there says I owe him a debt but I do not know who he is. I am ready to settle the debt but I am not taking your word for it, I require to hear it straight from the horses mouth, and so on...