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Waive The Benefit Ankle Bracelet Strategy

I am adding to  Karl's classic three versions of him helping a guy get ankle bracelets taken off for people to use as a strategy or template to make their own when being forced to take a government benefit.

Again the start of another template.  Karl says he does not like templates..  Call it a strategy.  Fill in your situation then try it out on friends.

Me: "Yes I took this benefit (court, filing a 1040, ankle bracelet, jail time). I have new knowledge (it is no longer a benefit, Can a man forces another man to take a benefit?).   I wish the man giving me this benefit to stop it now.  Or else  I wish to meet this man to figure you why he wants me to force me so I can ask for forgiveness and fix what I did wrong."

One has to be cunning.  Do not threaten, do not accuse. 

Thanks again to j mark I found his writings at this group on google:
Transcript by j_mark see linkee or

8-29-13 my private audio at talkshoe . com Karl Lentz

1:36 write first name of public official, write that I am a man

Who is the “they” who wont take this ankle bracelet off my property.

1:39 i am sorry that i put this ankle bracelet is around my ankle. I no longer require this ankle bracelet but i know its all my fault this ankle bracelet is around my ankle.

He said BS its all conspiracy against man's rights...

There is nobody but you that got you in the position that you are. Until you accept all responsibility for all your actions or inactions there is nothing i can do for you.   You have to realize its all your fault and you have to move them towards forgiveness.

At one point in time i believed that you had some sort of standing or capacity to do something to me. Now i have become self aware. Im a man and you do not have any control or jurisdiction or any rights over a man. You are irs, you are fbi, you are cia, you are doj, you are xyq. You are a 2 dimensional piece of paper. You dont exist anywhere on the planet but on paper. You are not going to be able to appear in court to testify under oath or affirmation. You are not going to be able to verify anything. Now im awake. Now i realize i was in grave error. I did some incredibly stupid things. I did some really stupid stuff. Now im going to get back to the 3rd dimension we let alone.  At one time i believed it was a benefit. Now i realize it is actually a detriment and causing great harm to me as a man. So im going to have to back away from it. Im going to have to free myself from it.

9-19-13  My Private Audio at talkshoe . com     DeanClifford (1st half) & KarlLentz (2nd half)

3:02:23 Letter for guy with ankle bracelet and IRS.
Guy writes second letter.

Karl wrote:
I at one time believed it was in my best interest and a benefit to me to have the USA along with  its agents to attach this ankle bracelet upon my person.  I am sorry that I wasted everybodies time and government expenses to grant my wish to have this placed on my person.

But at this time I know longer feel that it is a benefit to be under house arrest.  I wish for the United States or the people that place this upon my person to come back and claim their property or I am going Take control of this property and I am going to remove it from my person because it is trespassing upon my property. 

3:03:44 Guy messes up with second letter.  DON'T THREATEN!
They did not do IT to you.  You did.

I am sorry I wished to be placed here at one time I believed it to be a great benefit, now in this time of awareness or consciousness I realized that I made an error.  I would like to agree to undo what I agreed to do.  If any man wants to come forward and force me to live up to my agreements I would be more than happy to entertain any claims.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Traffic Ticket Strategy

The start of a claim template but this is more of a strategy outline.

Identify and try to settle with prosecutor. Create evidence - record phone call, write a phone log (at this time I called the prosecutor at this number from this number).  Any harm?  Man does harm. No settle? If you take this to court I will file claim.

File claim.  Look at the "debt template" and practice writing out a claim.. 

Reference My Private Audio Call March 17 2013 at the 53 minute mark.
[53:00]  [traffic ticket]  who is going to try to interfer with my right travel?
Be cool with cop and ask cop who will prosecute?

within three days ask prosecutor to stop ticket prosecution

(To lawyer: I am better than a attorney yep I am a man and I have standing.  If attorney  lose get him for barratry and filing false claims against man.)

This officer wrote this error before he gets in trouble I am giving fair warning.

officer believes I have a privilege to drive and I believe I have a right to travel

[58:00] If case not dropped file a claim against prosecutor of ticket not cop moving a false claim through court. no injured party.

i am prosecutor (going against ticket prosecutor) vs respondent or wrongdoer who caused me an injury

within 3 day try to settle
day 4 file claim
interfering with my right to travel,
For some reason the cop believes I did injury or harm or operating under my driver license at that time which i was not.
i wish order and demanded prosecutor to desist frivolous claim against me and he refused to
and he is going to pursue in 30 days and i wish to be compensated for my time for answering a claim.

prosecutor: you better prove i interfered with someone's rights.  If you want to believe I was operating
under a license under that point in time you are mistaken.  Well you gave driver's license.  It is true  I gave your cop the license he has a gun.  I was under coercion.

Is someone called the state of california  going to come forward and make a claim I was operating their vehicle because of a title?
Is someone going to come forward named called the state of california that he owns a portion of the car and he can tell me what to do?

Is  man called the state of california going to come forward a makes a claim  that because of legal title and he is going register and inspect the car?   Is a man going to come forward yes or no?

Also take a look at the 7-20-2013 uncommonlaw talkshoe call at 49:00 minutes

Just make a claim that you have done no harm, injury or financial loss, what are you guys bringing me into court for? Bring in the injured party and i will compensate him. 

Saturday, December 7, 2013

File A Claim Template - IRS Levy

Reference My Private Audio Call March 17 2013 at the 19th minute 51 second.

Some caller had the IRS go into caller's bank account and take money on an IRS lien.

19:51 [irs] [court][claim] I am a man. Trepass. File a claim.

At a local court file something like this.


Cover Sheet Page

cause of action : trespass
Someone from IRS administrating my property without rights
your name | irs

Next Page

parties your name | irs
I am woman and I have rights.  And no one has the right to administer my property  without right.
Someone from  IRS administrated my property without right, without my consent.

Next Page

Statement Of Facts

Went home one day, checked my bank and it was empty.
Remedy.  I want my money/account to be restored whole.   Certain amount of money for damages wasting my time to file a lawsuit and Trespass against my rights


I am adding to Karl's content above with these links to give you some ideas on finding a "mom and pop" court as Karl calls them.

I think all US states should have small claims courts.  So google "your state and small claims court" or something similar.

Small Claims - Maryland Courts

Small claims are handled less formally than other cases. While you can hire a lawyer if you choose, the rules of evidence and procedure in small claims cases ...

Filing a Small Claim - Maryland Courts

Guide to Collecting Debts and Managing Receivables in Maryland. .... To be tried as a small claim in District Court, your case must meet the following conditions:.
Thanks to J Mark for typing.

Same call also listen at these parts of the call:

11:00 karl vs irs
[irs] 12:40 irs words
12:53 "IRS" can never say that the word say.  "They" will give position.
Only a  man can say state declare
who is this man that I owe a debt
[irs][debt] who is the man or woman that claims I owe a debt?
Please send me a bill (signed by a man or woman)

You are making proof that you are trying to settle on the private side or otherwise the IRS can claim tacit acquiesence (silence means that you agree)

Who is this man or woman making a claim that i owe anything?
When IRS  give you an assessment you have 3 days to respond. Who is the man or woman saying I owe this?
You establish proof you were trying to settle on the private side.
Make a phone call and record it. Who is administering my property and by what right?

Friday, November 29, 2013

Debt Template

 (Well a start of one anyhow)

Dear David greetings;

i believe: you are a man, and; at times you act as the 'COMMISSIONER OF FINANCE',

1. do "you" claim that a debt [property taxes] is due ?

2. Are you going to testify to that in open court?

3. Do you have third party uninterested witness to verify the debt [property taxes] is due?

May i please have 72 hours to try to settle this debt with that man who is verifying that claim against me.

Me an Attorney?

Me an Attorney?

«     ATTORN: ATTORN: 13c., Anglo-Fr., "to turn over to another," from O.Fr. atorner "to turn, turn to, assign, attribute, dispose,"; from a  -"to" + tourner -"to turn" (See: turn). In feudal law, "to transfer homage or allegiance to another lord”.

1. To transfer one's obligations to a person to another person

2. To turn over to another; transfer; assign.

3. Old English law, to turn or transfer, as homage or service, to a new possessor, and accept tenancy under him.

4. In feudal law, to turn or transfer homage and service from one lord to another.

This was the act of feudatories, vassals, or tenants upon the alienation of the estate.

5. In modern law, to acknowledge being the tenant of one who was not the landlord originally, but claims to have become such ; to agree to be tenant to a new owner or landlord of the same property.

So by this definition do i attorn?

Hummm , why yes , why YES i do !

but i believe i attorn (atturn) as a Benefit to [wo]man and those of [wo]mankind

Thursday, November 28, 2013

11-7-13 transcript my private audio

11-7-13 my private audio at talkshoe com bart, eugene, karl irs and other issues 3h35m [garbled words/comments in brackets]

Transcript by j_mark see linkee or

2: i want the guv and irs to obey the law.

5: why not ask them for the record that shows that i was served special notice?
Until that notice is served none of that info is fact.

8: that notice precedes liens or levys.
A lien cannot arise until there has been a neglect or a refusal to pay upon notice and demand, under section 6303, method of assessment.
6203 do it within 60 days after assessment.
Recording the liability in the office of the secretary.
1300 pennsylvania avenue northwest

11: i want the guv to obey the law. I want to obey the law as it applies to me.

36: then you live in the federal zone dont you? [i dont live in the mailbox]

39: youre presumed to know the law and know what youre signing.
3 years to rescind [no statute of limitations on a man or woman]

41: unfortunately we have to become an erstwhile lawyer to protect their own interest. [where is a man required to know private corporate laws?]

1:02 caller;
the bank gave you a blue ink pen didnt they?
i sent 3 words to the bank; produce the note. Havent paid in 4 or 5 years now. When it comes up for sale i take another bankruptcy.

1:30 if u were never served notice of a requirement to make statements, returns, keep records, we are not thereby required by the internal revenue code to obtain a ss# for tax purposes and the ss act doesnt require you to have a number.

1:38 karl [1:51 still waiting. Woman wants to get her 3 daughters back. Goes on awhile and finally gets resolved.]

2:08 the irs has no rights, they cannot require.
Only a man can require from another man and he better have a contract.

2:13 [finally finishes with the other caller, who hung up some time ago]

2:14 they lied about me abusing children to get me out of house.
You need a third party impartial witness. Its all he said she said.

2:3? [lady came bk on]

2:38 if they said they found a dead sea turtle on the beach and they arrest you for cocaine, and youre coming into court. Okay were charging you with killing an endangered species what would you say? Would you say guilty, not guilty, no contest? So you say who are you looking for again? I think you got the wrong paperwork. I did nothing wrong. Why cant you guys [ ] with a pocket full of cocaine, and they bring you in there with a pocket full of cocaine and say well how do you plead with a pocket full of cocaine. You say who are you looking for again? You believe i done something wrong? I think you got the wrong case cause i didnt do anything wrong. No no no all we want to know is guilty, not guilty, no contest. Just imagine the sea turtle. You have no idea what theyre talking about. So as soon as you say guilty, not guilty, no contest to the sea turtle obvioulsy youre becoming a party to the case because youre taking responsibility and youre going to try to defend yourself cause you didnt kill the sea turtle.
So he says im not guilty to the cocaine but obviously you believe youre a party to this case. Youre voluntarily putting yourself into the case. They got jurisdiction over you now.

Caller; but they do not offer a choice of pleading innocent.

I didnt say innocent. They say guilty, not guilty, no contest, i have no idea what youre talking about. Is there some man making a claim i done wrong.
Somebody is going to have to say cocaine is wrong. Who is saying cocaine is wrong? Who are you? Are you a man? No im the prosecutor. Okay the prosecutor is like a fictitional entity, i cant sue you right? No you cant sue me because im a prosecutor. Well i could sue you if you were a man right? And you made a false claim against me right? Well yeah. I say youre making a claim that cocaine is wrong?
Well no im not claiming it. Well then who is making the claim? The state of north carolina is making the claim. Well then the state of north carolina better take the witness stand because under the habeous corpus act i have the right to cross examine my accuser. So now are you not telling me im doing wrong but the state of north carolina is accusing me? Yeah good. Put NC on the witness box. Let them make
their claim known. There you go. Its that simple.
Caller; it should be.
It is!
The plaintiff must appear.

2:44 caller; when i filed a motion to dismiss.
Theres no such thing.
When you file a motion youre under their jurisdiction, and you believe there is something there, and youre trying to compel performance. 
Well theres a cop with a gun threatening me to show up.
Well that different. Thats saying theres extortion. That has nothing to do with MTD, theres no such thing. Why would you want to dismiss it anyway. To dismiss means they could come back [anytime] in the next 100 years and bring that same charge up against you. Why dont you just discharge it?

2:46 and if you ever want to put the cop on the witness stand thats fine, if you actually want to play the game. What would you have done to me if i didnt give you a driver license? Would you have pulled out your gun and told me to exit the vehicle? Yeah. Would you have put me in chains and shackles? Yeah. Would you have put me in the back of the squad car? Yeah. Isnt that extortion that if i dont do something youre going to hurt me? Youre going to cause me harm? Youre going to cause me loss? Yeah. Well how can the state extort anything from a man?
When you got the criminal citation did you write the next day and say i believe somebody filed a criminal complaint against me.
No i filed a motion to dismiss.
See you did that marc stevens nonsense. Theres no such thing as a mtd. If you want to act like a man you dont do a mtd. If you want to be a lawyer wanna be, you file a mtd.

Its a no win situation in their game. Flip it around. Bring it over to the common law side. Man to man. Here in amercia common law is supreme so if youre trying to flip a code at me im gonna flip the common law on you because how many more minutes or days common law is going to last in this country before we become a one world code order. 

2:49 caller; so what youre saying is if you get a citation you send the court a letter saying please verify the claim against me or is there a actual claim against me in this court?
There you go, youre starting to think, its not exactly [ ] but boy you got it.. i want you guys to start looking at it and form your own beliefs, your own words, so when you have to utter in open court it comes natural instead of memorizing dialogue.

2:51 what law did i break? Because that code is codified from the public law. You mean the commonwealth of virginia motor vehicle act of 1975? well yeah i guess thats the one you broke the law.
Okay can you bring that law into the court? Thats the code because the code is just a smattering, just bits and pieces of the public law. They codified, they made it short. Then code decipherers called attorneys and judges say well this is how we believe the code reads. Fuck the code. I thought you said i broke the law? Yeah. Bring the public law before the court. Does anybody bring the law before the court, read it onto the record. So theyre gonna have to unroll the public law and read it onto the record. Now, show me where my name is written into that public law. Show me where it says i cant do that. Show me where it is expressly written into the law. Not implied. No person shall. Okay, my name is not person. My name is karl. Show me where i broke the law. Show me where it says karl will not do this. Show me. You dont have that? Well then i guess i didnt break the law did i? I didnt bind myself to any contract. I didnt bind myself to any law did i? no. so i guess i didnt break the law did i? No i guess i didnt.
So what youre saying is the law must be specific...
yeah. Its contract. Unless it is expressly written into the contract it cannot be implied.
The contract is the law because the law must bind you.
What happens if some chinese guy charged you with a crime? How am i bound by chinese laws again? How did that happen? Im not chinese, how the hell do you think you have jurisdiction over me? How do you think that happened?  Its the same way with them saying youre a US citizen. Oh really? Are you going to testify to that in open court? Whos gonna testify? Well the not going to testify, but are you trying to tell me youre not a us citizen? Are you asking me a question? are you a party to the state? Are you the one making a claim against me? Cause i only have to answer to the man whos making a claim/ are you making a claim against me? no. i dont have to answer your questions then. Bring the plaintiff in. i only answer to him and him alone. Or her alone. Cause i dont know if the united states is male or female. It used to be columbia, now its uncle sam. I dont know.
2:54 caller; and the plaintiff should have a third party uninterested witness to verify the case?
Oh you better believe it or its hearsay. Your word against theirs. Its fifty fifty. You just keep saying i have no fing clue what youre talking about.
In this country you cant bring up what one did in the past. Which is kinda good and bad.
Caller; and the simple act of just showing up for the court date that doesnt obligate me to perform?
Absolutely not. Youre just there because you believe you were summons to appear because somebody is trying to make a claim that you done something wrong and all youre there for is to settle a debt and settle a claim. And if they hand you a criminal complaint say look thats a criminal complaint. Who is making the claim? My wife made 316 complaints before i left the house this morning. What does that mean? Nothing. Is she making a claim i did something wrong? No shes complaining i did something wrong. I dont owe her anything.
[please donate to karl and introduce him to decaf, and I will save up to attend evelyn woods speed listening classes].

...making up all these ridiculous things to try to bind me and control me. Im not gonna go for it. Im not gonna fall for it. Everything i do when i walk out of the house is illegal until the minute i walk back into the house. And i dont have to answer anybodys complaint. I dont have to answer anything im doing is illegal. But what i have to answer to is that im doing something wrong, im doing something that is unlawful. That i have to answer to and that i will compensate for.

2:58 thank you for your opinion. Thank you for complaining but you know what? Im not bound by your silly rules. Every time you step out of your domestic authority underneath.. out of your property line, into the public venue, everything youre doing is illegal and then youll be so much happier. Instead of worrying about am i doing something illegal? Yeah, everything im doing is illegal. I dont care. Am i doing anything wrong? no. okay well that just means youre causing harm to man, your injuring his property or you breached a contract. So fine everything im doing is illegal. Fine. I can live with that.
Caller; now if we could just train the police officers and the other guv police to comprehend that we would all be happy.

3:01 youve got to get these legalese words out of your vocabulary. there is no such thing as an affidavit to a common man. When you use affidavit youre subjecting yourself to their control and under their authority. You make yourself competent.
When i walk into a statutory court room, i walk into a civil court room like that. Im an idiot. To me that just means i dont have the capacity to contract cause i dont understand anything youre talking about. I dont decipher code. So youre saying i violated code 16 section 362, im not a code decipherer. I dont know what you just said.
Caller; thats why they call it code.
Yeah. Thats cause you dont understand what this man is talking about. Are you making a claim against me? no. then what are you? Im a prosecutor. Well whats the difference between a prosecutor and a ham and cheese sandwich. Theyre both fictions. I cant sue you right? Because youre not liable for anything right? Right. Because you cant be held liable because youre not acting in the capacity of a man right now right? No. Youre hiding behind something right? Yeah. Well i only want to speak to a man or woman. I will answer to any man or woman making a claim that i done wrong and i want to compensate them and tell them im sorry and want them to go on and not be mad at me and whatever debt is due i want to settle it.

3:04 are you claiming i owe a debt?
Are you claiming the debt is post due?
Will the plaintiff appear to make a claim to the debt?
Thats all. Im done. This is not rocket science what i do.
No but the judge should know that and not allow the lives to go on the way they are.
Sure, theyre waiting for you to be a man. All theyre waiting for you to do is be a competent man and
hold your own shit together and until that day theyre there to preside and assist you on your way to learning how to be a man and how to stand in court as a man.

3:13 some neighbors see you hauling in 3000 pounds of pot into your garage and then all of a sudden they get a warrant and kick in your door. Why dont you just make a claim against them that they had no right to enter into your domestic authority.
Instead of answering that judge as the defendant.. instead of pleading not guilty that i done no wrong cause there is no injured party.. when they were moving their criminal complaint against you why didnt you make a claim of damage against them?
Why didnt you play prosecutor? Theres no rule that says you cant play prosecutor.
When somebody does you wrong do you play defendant? Why dont you play prosecutor.
Caller; its not that i should go in as the prosecutor its i shouldnt have been beaten to death in the first place.

3:21 everything has got to be short and sweet. You believe i owe a debt? Will the plaintiff come forth? Can i cross examine the plaintiff?

3:23 there was a ten hour show at talkshoe com unkommonlaw # 127469. i pulled out the 44 minutes where the husband explained what happened in court. [got kids/property back]

3:28 i require the restoration of property, and the only duty and obligation of any guv is restore, secure and protect property of a man.

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Karl Show West Midlands England 15 December 2013

Karl Lentz 1 day Workshop on 15/12/13

All The way from America, we are very happy to invite you to come and listen to Karl; Whilst Karl is in the UK he will be giving a 1 day workshop from 1pm – 9pm at:
West Bromwich African Caribbean Resource Centre Thomas Street
West Bromwich
West Midlands
B70 6LY
Cost £20 for the day.
Karl Lentz’s child was taken away by the state for having Down’s syndrome. He paid a fortune on lawyers and lived in a shipping container to divert all his money to legal costs. After nearly 6 years, he decided to learn Law for himself as clearly the lawyers couldn’t help.
He learnt how to get a court of record and moving the court. He realised his child was classed as property and the legal & lawful meaning of over 50words. He will talk about his 2 carefully constructed sentences, he said at the court office. He didn’t even get to the next hearing and the court instructed the state to return his son back within 24 hours.
He now has a radio talk show teaching his simple way of thinking that any man or woman can comprehend and use for their own problems. His radio show is full of people ringing with success stories: